Garbage: Waste and Slums

Topics: Waste, Recycling, Biodegradable waste Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: January 13, 2009
“Basura” is discarded food wastes or any other unwanted or useless material. It is also called as garbage. Garbage makes places untidy and even smelly. It ruins the surroundings when it’s just placed somewhere. Fortunately, we have our garbage man to collect it.

Some people may benefit from “basura”, but some may not. The well-offs do not benefit from these things. They do not want these trashes. Actually, garbage or “basura” is from them. That’s why they throw it; because it’s dirty. It makes their place unlikable, unpleasant and displeasing. But, it doesn’t mean that society is just composed of this kind of living. There are also slums. They benefit from these. They hunt for materials that can be recycled and be produced for another purpose. This would help them survive, because with the materials they have, they can sell it to junk shops and recycling shops. From these shops, they would be earning money. Their money would be their living and would buy them their basic needs. But in some cases, they lack money to buy food. Their survival would be at stake, fortunately there is always a solution for their problem. Slums sometimes make “batchoy” for their meals. “Batchoy” is composed of mixed food wastes. They serve as meals for the slums. They get these from restaurant junks or in garbage bins. For them such problems are just normal. They are used to it. Even though it’s pretty hard to survive with the way they live, they were able to get use to it. But with this situation, merely the government wants to improve it. Problems like these are solved by the government. But it doesn’t mean that they can stop it, they might prevent it, but they can’t stop it. Our population bloats everyday. They can never stop the status quo. “Basura” will always be present. Government, may use machines for recycling, establish programs about recycling, and even convince communities to recycle, but they can never stop the increasing number of garbage. Likewise, it might not help...
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