Garbage In Garbage Out

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It is globally belief that the computers are able to provide useful information if properly fed with a reasonable input or it will result in “Garbage in Garbage out”.
The use of computer to carry out a very wide range of activities for work, study and leisure has become part of our everyday life. It is no longer something that you may want to use if you are interested; rather like motor car it is an essential part of our lives. We are constantly told that anyone can use a computer, and o some extent this is true. As we became more and more upon technology this will not be enough.

Computer in commercial and industrial settings have been around for several decades, nothing new about that. What is new however is the availability of computing power at modest cost to managers and workers throughout business organization and banking industries.

However, in the banking industry computer has been used in various areas carrying out their day-to day activities. Thanks for the introduction of microcomputers, the power to retrieve and process data no longer belongs exclusively to computer specialist.

Modern technology have brought about the use of computer system in all areas of our human Endeavour’s, in Nigeria and other African countries workers sees this as an attempt to rep[lace them and to result them into mass retrenchment or loss their jobs. They always believe that where computers are installed will require less human effort to perform the desired operation. The problem of this study can be stated as; does the computer effectively assist in the banking sector? 1:3 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

In this perspective the objective of this study is to know the merit of introduction of computer services into banking industries.
i. Computer take a lesser time in dealing with laid down projects, assignment and acquisition.
ii. It is much reliable and also save time.
iii. It also provides easy accessing of already completes project. iv. It also provide easy access of information about customer by just keeping the customer account number into the computer.
v. Computer helps to detects and eliminate fraud for immediate action for further occurrence.
Before the use of computer in united bank for West Africa plc (UBA) Nigerians will recall the long-gone days of the tallies when customers needed to rush to the bank’s as early as possible to submit their tellers in exchange for tallies so as to avoid the long delay characteristics of that era. Which the analyst said that the long queues and inefficiency of that era was as a result of the manual processing of data.

By courtesy of modern developments in information and communication technology has given the way to automated, faster and more seamless processing. These problems include
Time consuming
Tiredness at the end of the day
For the purpose of this research the following hypotheses are drown in other to arrive at the same answer.
i. The operation of the Nigerian banking industries are inefficient ii. Efficiency is improved through computerization
iii. Computerization of banking industries is necessary
iv. Access can be made through computerization
v. Fraud is limited through effective computerization
The scope of this project is to concern on the impact of computer services in banking industries.
Lack of desired cooperation from some respondents by with holding some needed information concerning their type of jobs limited the scope of this research work to the content there in.
Computer: Computer is an electronic devices that is capable of accepting data as input, process the data and finally provide information as output. It also store and analyze information fed into it, for calculating or controlling in machinery automatically.

Software: Software is the invisible component...

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11th November,2008
17th November,2008
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