Garbage Disposal

Topics: Nepal, Research, Geography Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: September 19, 2011

In the magazines like National Geographic or any adventure tourism magazines, one sees pictures of Mount Everest in its lonely majestic beauty. Rising high above the clouds one imagines the clear air, the pristine white snow, and the complete calm and quiet. What these magazines may or may not show their readers are the giant heaps of garbage, the destruction of Nepalese forests; the corpses which are strewn across the mountain, and the long lines of tourists waiting their turn to reach the top of the world. Receiving thousands of tourists each year results in the steady degradation of the alpine environment. Tourists leave their garbage on the mountain, aid the destruction of alpine plants, and assist in the depletion. The Everest region is in need of protection, conservation and restoration (Byers). Tourism has taken over this untouched environment and made it into a “must - see vacation destination.” In order to repair this fragile environment the people who have aided in its destruction must return and aid in its conservation through studying the landscape and creating projects to protect it; “The alpine zone is a neglected landscape that is in need of greater protection, conservation, and restoration involving integrated, applied research to the clarification of problems, the design of remedial projects, and monitoring of their impacts.” In order to repair the damages done to the alpine environment, we must pay more attention to the use of the land and how tourists respect it. The greatest cause of the deterioration of the Everest region is due to a great number of tourists invading the area;
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