Garage Hopping

Topics: English-language films, Thought, Mind Pages: 3 (1278 words) Published: March 10, 2009
Garage Hopping
A Tale of Two Suburban Teens
The following events take place between, 7:30 PM and 11:00 PM

Sweat dripped from my for-head onto the dirt that laid beneath my exhausted body as the two men ran past me in the mist of the night, to them I was unseen. After they had past I gathered my self together and knew I had very little time to find my partner who was also my friend and equally in the same danger that had come upon us. Ryan to my knowledge was somewhere near, but where? Dashing through the forest ahead of me, cuts became indulged in my skin from the foliage that was all over. After coming to the end of the wooded area and crossing the street were only a matter of what seemed minutes before we were surrounded. I could only wonder why had we chosen to enter that garage.

“What would you want to do tonight?” I asked on the phone. “Beats me” Ryan says casually, “What ever is fine.” Boredom takes over most teens lives which leads to what most would refer to as trouble. But what is trouble? You would have to be caught for it to be considered trouble, I thought to myself. The two of us, as most of my friends, had already gone what we called “garage hopping.” Which was defined as entering opened garages after dusk and taking what was not ours. Alcohol, golf accessories, and so on. Looking back at the situation it was a very immoral act to commit. “You want to go get a few things and garage hop?” I asked Ryan, who was only a block over. After he agreed it was only a matter of minutes that it took for me to pick Ryan up.

I had only received my license a few months before and was new to the road. What also was new, was the cd in my stereo and my love for driving. It was a world with freedom and I was already using it to commit wrong doings. It was truly a simple task, the act of garage hoping. One merely drove down a street and viewed which house owner had been oblivious enough to leave their garage door open and...
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