Gaps in Service Quality Process for Bill Foster

Topics: Rooms, Room, Clerks Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: September 4, 2010
1. Gaps in service quality process experienced by Bill Foster a. Not sticking to the promise made by Excelsior hotel, a failed check in facility at airport reveals this. This pile up extra stress to the passengers who get rest assured by check in facility at airport which then considered to be foil. b. Time taken by agents to check in customers is more. c. Less number of agents to process the check in formality of hotel. d. Front desk clerk is not dedicated to her duty as she was in process of leaving the office even though long queue awaited in front of her desk. e. In spite of a very big hotel, none of attendants was available to carry luggage to room which is nightmare when room assigned is 2 building away. f. Double booking of the room.

g. Missing coordination among the staff of hotel.
2. Steps Kristen should recommend to General Manager
h. Make check in process simpler to execute, take help of technology. Check in time of 2-3 min for a single customer is sufficient. We can think of scanning of document like passport instead of doing manual entry. i. We can develop/purchase software which will enable check in facility from anywhere without going through front desk clerk, which will abate the stress on them. Customer can see the availability of rooms, fill required forms, pay online and book the room. They can also make use of mobile to do this. j. Software use can avoid the double booking of the same room. k. After facilitating the software for check in/ check out process find out how many front desk clerks still need to be added to staff for not having queue length more than 5. l. Rearrange the shift timing of front desk clerks to avoid long queue built up in rush hours. m. Train staff for increasing more dedication at the duty. n. Make use of trolleys, for carrying luggage to room, which can be easily moved with the luggage and have arrangement to keep child on that....
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