Gap vs. Zara

Topics: Color, Season, Consumer protection Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: April 6, 2007
Gap physically appealing since there are adds/mannequins all around the exterior of the store. As you enter there is a sales person highered specifically to welcome you into the store. The store is then organized by color since all the different colored clothing are grouped together. We also noticed that it was very spacious and clean. We were attracted to Zara since it is very fashionable and has high variety of distinctive styles. Ideal for the independent shopper since customers are not bothered by employees. Zara was also spacious; however we found it was unorganized and messy. 2.

We could not distinguish the new clothing line from the previous and since there store is grouped together by color themes, it is difficult to distinguish the different styles offered at Gap. At Zara as we entered the store it was difficult to view all the products offered since, as you in the picture, not all their products are displayed at eye level. 3.

Color patterns at Gap are themed by season. Also the choices of colors make the consumers feel joyful young and dynamic (as you also see in the commercial ads). The music at Gap gives an easy going/no stress feeling. As for Zara the colors make the consumers feel fashionable and up-to-date since they have a variety of color patterns. 4.

Colors encourage purchase since they reflect seasonal change, and everyone wants to keep up with the new colors of the season. However, colors may discourage purchase since the colors at Gap are very plain with no patterns, which limits their consumer target. Gap has lots of ads on their walls which encourages shopping since it gives consumers ideas of how their products can be worn. Zara has subtle music which encourages shopping since it does not distract the shopper nor does it pressure the consumer. For example, when you enter a store with very loud music you usually want to just get our item and leave and not shop around. Contrary to Gap, Zara has simple décor and white walls with...
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