Gap Between Rich and Poor Countries

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English 2D Summative
Ms. Campbell
By Amira Delas

.:.Gap between Rich and Poor Countries.:.

Who are considered the rich and poor countries of the world? Most of the wealthy countries are in the northern hemisphere plus Australia and Japan, which is found in the Southern hemisphere. The following countries are mostly considered the wealthiest and most educated with a high standard of living; Canada, USA, Britain, and Germany, are just a few of the most developed and wealthy countries in the world. Examples of the poorest countries are; Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Haiti just to name a few. They are poor, because they have either been in civil wars or do not have the stability to develop a high standard of living. Relevance:

Rich countries consume much more resources then their fair share. Therefore, poor countries are unable to provide their citizens with these decent living conditions because there aren’t any affordable resources.

John Lennon Biography:
John Lennon was born, October 1940, during a German Air Raid in Oxford Street Maternity hospital, Liverpool. During his childhood, he saw little of his father, Freddie, who went AWOL (disappeared). For several years, John was brought up by his mother’s sister Mimi. In his early years John was a mischievous students, who would be quick to take the micky out of teachers and other student. Whilst in his early teens he got his first guitar and would spend many hours playing. His aunt Mimi used to regularly say: “The guitar's all very well, John, but you'll never make a living out of it." After, the Beatles were famous John presented Mimi with a silver platter out of this. In the late 1950s John formed a rock group called the Quarry Men Skiffle Band. In 1957 he met and formed a successful musical partnership with Paul McCartney. Lennon was considered the leader of the Beatles, due to his superior age and also his musical abilities. In the early...
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