Topics: Gang, Prohibition in the United States, Organized crime Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: November 17, 2010
The history of the U.S. is very interesting and dynamic. There are many events and aspects throughout history that reinforce the spark of interest. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald reflects the positive and negative conditions of the 1920’s. Of all aspects of the 1920’s Gangsters/Prohibition is the most interesting and important.

A gang is a group of people who interact with each other for social and/or criminal purposes. Early gangs were composed of adults involved in theft, illegal liquor sales, and political deals. Most gangsters come from families with little or no parental control. Also a number of gang members dropped out of school and lacked jobs. Gangs have existed in the United States since the mid-1800’s. Machine guns and bulletproof getaway cars became essential to the every day life of the gangsters. Due to all the violence, shootings would happen in broad daylight as if to prove the killer was fearless. Unlucky, Innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time were sometimes injured or killed, the effect of drive by shootings. The city that implemented the worst mob violence was Chicago. Chicago was a city that was also very profitable for gangsters even before prohibition. Gangs of violent criminals, were very powerful during the 1920’s. Powerful gangsters would kill any person who were in there way. Bootleggers, powerful mob leaders, were powerful gangsters who used fear and bribery to suppress corrupt public officials. America had a greater demand for alcohol as soon as it became illegal. Soon after, gangsters had stepped in to meet the growing demand. They began sneaking liquor into the U.S. from Canada and selling it illegally in secret night clubs called speakeasies. Gangsters made their money from prohibition. Prohibition was sought to reduce crime and improve American morals. Instead it had an unexpected effect of helping organized crime take root in America.

“November 10,1924, four men walked...
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