Gangster Disciple Nation Literature

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Social History Client Case #2
Nicole McCree
Mississippi State University

Social History Client Case
I. Introduction
Client: Jaqueshia Steele
Chronological Age: 8 year(s), 1 month(s), and 5 days.
Religion: Baptist
Date of Birth: December 20, 2001
Race: African American
School and Grade: T.J. Harris Elementary 4th Grade
II. Individual Client Profile
A. Brief Physical Description of Client
Jaqueshia is a petite, average girl with very short, natural hair. When I first met her, I realized her hair was unevenly cut. Her clothes were fitting very tight on her, which were inappropriate for a 4th grader. Her shoes were very nice and clean. It was very evident that she took care of her shoes by keeping them clean. She had on the same color socks as her shirt and shoes were. She coordinated her clothes very well. Jaqueshia teeth were in bad shape. They were broken in the front and a few visible cavities on the side. When I first met Jaqueshia, I immediately thought she was defiant and had some major issues she was dealing with. Her first look at me was not a good one at all. She rolled her eyes at me several times whenever she caught me looking at her. As she rolled her eyes, I witnessed her mumbling little things. When she got up to walk to the restroom, she turned around and caught me looking at her. She stopped in mid step and turned to stare at me. I did not know what to think of her actions and this child until after talking with the principal to learn more about her. Once I spoke with the principal, I learned that my first thoughts were correct; she had some major issues she was dealing with. At this point, my heart really went out to her. I inquired more information from the principal. With a determination to empower Jaqueshia, I asked the principal if it was possible to work one on one with her. She assured me it was ok, but she was skeptical as if I would gain a rapport...
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