Gangs of New York

Topics: Tammany Hall, Gangs of New York, William M. Tweed Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: May 21, 2012
he movie Gangs Of New York is filled with racism, war, and political corruption. The movie takes place between the years of 1846 -1862. The movie focuses on the issues between Irish immigrants that are enter New York and the Americans citizen who call themselves the Native Americans. Amsterdam Vallon returns to five points 16 years after his father was murdered by William “Bill the Butcher “Cutting the leader of The Native Americans. When Amsterdam is getting of the ship you see politicians handing out bread and soup to other Irish immigrant coming to shore. This may have seemed like a good act to the immigrants but it was all part of a scheme to win votes for Boss Tweed. You also see military recruiter granting citizenship and a cash bonus to the Irish males if the join the army. This act I know too well. Being in the military and doing recruiting duty I saw this happening a lot. Mainly in the inner city you will have a lot of recruiter offering this young kids all types of hopes and dreams about a better life just to meet there quotas but at the end of the day most of it is just lies. Even to this day when you follow and election campaign you hear reporter talking about winning the white vote or the black vote. So politicians try there hardest to “Connect “with certain races to put them over the top. Bill the Butcher hated anybody who came off a ship into America. Woman, man, or child his hatred held no prejudice. He believed immigrant should be able to have money, jobs, or a family, but he allowed them to work for him. It wasn’t honest work it mostly involved stealing or killing. This has always been a trait of racism I never understood, how you could not like a person and your wellbeing depended on their existence. Even today we have the problem with the illegal Mexicans weather people know it or not but they play a very influential part of our everyday lives.

William “Boss” Tweed was a corrupt politician who was the head of Tammany Hall, the local...
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