Gangs in Rural and Urban America

Topics: Crime, Gang signal, Gangs Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 11, 2006
Gangs, which are usually groups of criminal or youth delinquents, are said to be able to be dated back to the times of the Greeks. It is theorized that some of America's present-day gangs are stemmed from these ancient formations. However, today's gangs are more serious, violent, and spiraling out of control. The indications of a gang can be identified by certain graffiti tags, tattoos, gang colors, and the self-identification by youths. When departmental crime officials are asked to tell how they can identify a youth as a gang member, they say that they rely on their visual impressions to make their determination.

However, what is the problem with a group of youth getting together to supposedly be one another's family and protectors of all that is right? The problem is unjust killings, destruction of innocent youth tricked in the gangbanging lifestyle, the foul language and behavior being used, and the horrible influence of drugs and alcohol. It robs many communities of their promising youth replacing the resulting void with lives of misery destined to never face the fork in the road to bring about positive changes in their lives. Gangs in rural America are not common for there is little to no possibility with the fact that the population is so low. Rural area gangs are for the most part homegrown. However, with urban areas in America, there are more chances for gangs to form for the simple fact that things are not as formal or proper in these areas. There are a lot more youth to gather together without the needed activities to distract their attention from violence and other things of the like. This is not alwaysa the case for it has been found that gangs are more commonly found in places experiencing surges in economical growth. This involves the bringing in of inner-city children with the families, often with the stigma of gang life trailing behind. All of this activity affects the quality of life in the communities involved by reeking having upon its...
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