Gangs in Oakland

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Gang Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: August 6, 2011
Oakland has a high crime rate and it all evolves around gangs. Gangs are the major thing in Oakland, they are the ones to sale drugs, guns and are also the ones who are committing all kinds of crimes such as robbery and murders. In order to stop all of this there’s a lot to be done and it will need help from everyone in order to be able to make a difference. Making a positive change is always good, specially when it comes to bringing safety to people’s lives.

Gang activity is found all over Oakland, such as in streets, gang members house, parks, you even find them at the mall now and at theaters. It seems that no one is safe anymore. In Oakland is very common to hear about shootings, even in family parties. This shouldn’t be happening everyone should be able to feel safe in the place that they live in. Oakland has became a dangerous place and a solution to this must be found.

The three most popular gangs in Oakland are, Border Brothers, Nortenos, and Surenos. The Border Brothers are the ones who wear black, and they’re location, as they call it, is in between the 600 block and the 900 block. The Nortenos are the ones to wear red and they’re locations are around the 200 block and 500 block. The Surenos are the ones to wear blue, they are more of a smaller gang in Oakland now, and they just revolve around the 100 block. This gangs are rivals and that is the reason why there’s so many shootings and murders. There’s little kids around the age of 12 getting killed now over a color.

Even though many people are not gang affiliated, they get leveled depending on what side of Oakland that they live in. Apparently people are not allowed to talk to people from a side that they are not from because that’s how the problems start. Growing up in Oakland is very difficult even for the parents to raise their children there. There’s so much bad things happening around elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The children are not safe even at school any...
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