Topics: Odor, Walking, Security Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: April 26, 2014
Albert Medina
Mrs. Hill
English 101
22 March 2014
The Location
Standing around waiting under the blazing hot sun my group of friends Brad a tall meathead, Jake a tall snake, Brandon a average white boy and there is me a small light skinned Mexican. Waiting patiently in line, one by one thousand of fans are trying to go in to this big salmon and aqua green color building. Before we can go in we have to pass-by security first, taking off my hat and everything out of my pockets. This gigantic security guard waves the metal detector wand to see if I was carrying any contraband like mini shot bottles or a M-16 assault rifle. Luckily, they did not find Brads and Jakes plastic flask that was hiding in their sock. After everyone passes the security check, we are ready to go in with all the same fans that have the same passions as we do.

The moment I walked in the arena I get this sweet fresh ice old air that string my nostrils which I can only smell it every time I come to this place. Also I can feel the air conditioner blasting as my skin gets goose bumps throughout the whole arena. As I continue to walk down the hall I smell fresh popcorn popping as it fills the hall with its beautiful aroma and the odor of cheesy nachos making me hungry every step I take. I could not resist the scent, so I bought my self a bucket of lager buttery popcorn and a greasy hotdog to fill my empty stomach. As we keep on walking we get the booze stand and order a around of Jameson Whiskey shots and one expensive cold beer condensation outer part of the cup filled with Dos Equis that was 12 dollars. The game is about to start so we rushed to our seats.

Walking down the hall I see a variety of people walking everywhere small to tall, big to skinny, families to friends. I see people wearing the colors of there team. The orange, white, and black is everywhere we walk, I see people with the same jersey as me and also I see the colors of the challenger we are facing, the white and gold...
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