Gang Violence in the U.S.

Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: August 26, 2013
They have poisoned our streets with drugs, violence, and hateful crimes. I have researched many different kinds of gangs to motorcycle gangs like the “Hells Angels” to the prison gangs such as the “Latin Kings”. Why is there gang violence, how does it impact our daily lives, and how can it be prevented? Gang violence, is the most organized as a well sophisticated crime that comes into play here in America as well as other countries. Founded on March 17, 1948 came the notorious gang of the “Hells Angels”. This gang has have lived up to their lawless image- arrest and convictions for drug trafficking, assault, weapons possession and even murder (James, 2009). In 1969 allegations towards the “Hells Angels” raised on the plot to murder rock legend Mick Jagger during the California Altamont Speedway riot. Let’s all be honest about how long the “Hells Angels” have been the source of the main drug problem here in the United States as well as across all borders. One of the many allegation was in 2001 when a boat was seized by the police and found two and half tons of cocaine and later found out there was no charges filed, it was rumored to be linked back to the gang of the “Hells Angels”. Along with the “Hells Angels” there allegedly appears to be another gang involved in drug trafficking, such as the “Latin Kings”. “Latin Kings” the famous street gang was originated in the 1950’s in Chicago Illinois. The “Latin Kings” originated by Papa King also known as Papa Santos along with three of his main counterparts were Jose Rivera AKA Cadillac Joe, Eddie Rodriguez AKA Tiger, and Fast Eddie. Currently the “Latin Kings” have more than twenty five thousand members making this one the third largest gangs in the United States. This gang has multitude criminal acts including the distribution of crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. According to an article, on May 23, 2013 the “Latin Kings” and a former Chicago police officer were arrested for racketeering, drugs and robbery...
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