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gang violence

By blu3kii34 Aug 27, 2014 570 Words

Gang violence

Gang Violence!

No one attempts to see the factors such as poverty, homelessness, lack of opportunity are a major contributor to crime and the forming of delinquents in our community. Delinquency is defined as a failure to what law or duty requires. It is a behavior that is often times a result of poverty and inopportunity in youth's life. Often time those who can obtain what they need through conventional means will use unconventional means such as crimes to obtain necessities due to having no job, no money, and lack of education. Gang members age from 13-18 years of age. However everyone knows a person who has lost a life due to gang violence or gang related activities. The biggest ethic groups involved in gangs are Latinos and Spanish. Although there trying to pass a law that states any gang related activity will serve from 2-3 years whether he or she is a minor or not. In my conclusion I came across that young men and women don’t wake up and decide to be this way, from the lack of love, care and attention at home, so they feel like an outcast and doesn’t have a positive role model to look up to and lean on in times of need. So when they join a gang they get the attention they being feeding for. “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear for failure.” –Bill Cosby

There were 9% of females involved in gangs in year 2000 as of today there are 15% of females affiliated in gangs. Females are generally classified to four types of ways to join a gang. They can be violated or jumped in meaning a physical beating so she can prove her toughness, loyalty, and her commitment but women who choose to get sexed in a gang gets the least respect. Usually getting sexed in a gang is uncommon for females due to not having any respect and majority of the reason is to get respect from everyone.

Children in a house hold that doesn’t have a male role model is mostly to be a behavior child and if he or she isn’t getting enough attention they need it will cause them to find that attention in a gang or a group of people where they feel they will be cared for and loved. Most children join gangs because of peer pressure but majority is because of girls and money.

For a little percent of children they become a part of a gang because of the things they don’t have and becoming a member of a gang it will be quick money but a lot of risk along with it. Usually they are only trying to help out there house hold but because of where there from they have no other choices, it’s almost like force. Gang related actives is most common in urban areas like Chicago they are the number 1 ranked in cities with the most gang violence, Detroit is not far behind it is ranked as number 5.

Been said Gang Violence is an act from children who is crying out for attention and others who can’t help it because its where there from and is almost as if they have no choice. Due to low income homes and no jobs children go to the streets for help as a comfort zone.

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