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Gandhi was a brilliant man and never let anyone get to him. He urged non-violence and civil disobedience on everything that he did. When he returned to India, in 1914, he became a strong leader of the Indian National Congress and changed India forever. The reason that Gandhi is considered one of the most important people in world history is because he inspires everyone until this day. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most important people in the United States that was inspired by Gandhi. Satyagraha is one of the things that Gandhi used all the time. It is being soul force or in other words sticking to your morals, not begin violent at all, and able to be able to stick to your words and priorities, and Gandhi was that every day of his life. One of the most important things that Gandhi did was the Salt March. It was a march that Gandhi set out on to end the British salt monopoly. There was salt that was available to the Indians but it was only from the British government. So, on March 12th, Gandhi and seventy-eight others set out on a two hundred and forty mile march to the sea. On the way there the police brutally clubbed the marchers, but the marchers would never swing back. Finally on April 6th, Gandhi and thousands of others reached the sea. When they arrived Gandhi marched right into the sea and held up a chunk of salt saying, “With this I am shaking the foundation of the British government.” Because of this march and those wise words that came from Gandhi, after twenty years of fighting, Britain agreed to hand over some power. The Salt March used a lot of Satyagraha. On the way there all of the people that were getting beat never swung back and they held onto the true them. Non-violent is one of Gandhi’s biggest beliefs that he had. Everything that happened needed to be done without any violent at all. That I think would be very hard for someone like Gandhi. He spoke his mind all the time and not everyone liked it, especially the British. When he was doing his marches and he was protesting against the British they use to beat him and the others that were with him. To most people that would be very hard to do and wouldn’t be able to hold back. That was also Satyagraha of him because he stuck to his word and didn’t change it. An example of when he was non-violent is when people from India were trying to burn their passes and the police kept beating them. No one tried to fight back. They knew that it was one of Gandhi’s beliefs and is part of Satyagraha.

One of the other things that stuck out was his priorities and that he never gave one anyone or the things that he was doing or trying to do. Gandhi wouldn’t always put himself first but instead he would put the people that were the closes to him first, then he would put himself after that. An example of this would be the whole time that he was “fighting” for India. He put all of those different people before himself that he didn’t even know and then never gave up on them, not even once!

Gandhi has been an important person in everyone’s life or has inspired someone that is important in your life. Satyagraha has been a huge part of his life! Being non-violent, able to stick to your words and having your priorities are very big beliefs that Gandhi has. But his biggest belief, non-violence, is hard for me and a lot of other people to stick to. I probably wouldn’t be able to stick to it because it isn’t easy for most people to be able to get beat on and not fight back and I’m one of those people. In some situations I believe I would be able not to fight back but otherwise it would be very hard not to. The biggest character trait that someone would need not to fight back would probably be determination. Without that determination you wouldn’t get anywhere in life with that belief.

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