Gandhi Movie

Topics: Gandhi, Indian independence movement, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Pages: 4 (1133 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Director: Richard Attenborough
Cinematography: Ronnie Taylor, Billy Williams
IMDB page: Gandhi
Cast includes: Ben Kingsley, Sir John Geilgud, Martin Sheen, Saeed Jaffrey, Roshan Seth, Candice Bergen, Sir John Mills

Richard Attenborough's 1982 biopic of Mahatma Gandhi is an epic in the true sense; over three hours in length, filled with stunning location photography of the Indian landscape, a stellar cast and crowd scenes that use hundreds of thousands of extras, the film reaped a suitably epic harvest of 8 Academy awards including Best Actor (Ben Kingsley) and Best Director (Richard Attenborough).

The film covers Gandhi's life from his arrival in South Africa in 1893, through to his assassination in Delhi in 1948, and in telling the Mahatma's own story, it tells the tale of India's struggle for freedom from colonial rule from 1915 onward. The story is told by expanding on a selection of key events in his life, a series of individual tableaux spread over 55 years.

The first part of the film examines Gandhi's long struggle to force the South African government to end discrimination against Asians. In the early scenes, the young lawyer Mohandas K Gandhi seems naive, apparently surprised to discover that he and other non-whites are treated as second class citizens, something which seems to him at odds with his perception of the British Empire as a source of enlightenment in the world. The struggle that follows sees Gandhi and his fellow dissenters develop formidable notions of civil disobedience and non-violent resistance against a regime that seems more than happy to resort to brutality or incarceration to maintain the social order.

The second, much longer section begins in 1915 with Gandhi's return to India - by then an unfamiliar country to him after 20 years abroad. As he is driven through the back streets of Bombay soon after arrival, he is deeply affected by the scenes of poverty he witnesses. At a later garden party, he is introduced to other...
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