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Qualls, Barbara
English 3, M/W
Prof. Shannon
Video games, what many see as a time consuming, a waste of time and money, can have a violent affect on the human mind. Now, video games can be fun and we all see that they can be shared with people of all ages. Any adventure game such as; "Mario", to any first person shooter such as "Call of Duty" can all have a impact on anyone's lives if allowed. Video games can be used for family fun time or a party too. Many view gaming as a waste of time or at healthy doses can allow people such as you and I to gain a skill?

Just as Daphne Bavelier said "Action video games have a number of ingredients that are really powerful for brain plasticity, learning, attention, and vision." (TED Talk) Despite the fact that violent video games can have blood and murder in them, they do hold a certain of skill that a person can learn. It can be a brain activity that can allow the brain to learn how to multi-task, but also how to visually notice the small aspects of a landscape.

Leaving video games to many thinking that it is just a waste of time and money, yes, anything to a certain extent is to much. Just as the saying goes "To much of a good thing can be bad for you" so can gaming. However, there is a bright side to every negative side, and this one has many. Those many include improvements in multi-tasking, attention in depth, and creativity. A healthy dose of gaming, perhaps 30 to 60 minutes a day of any video game, has shown to help with problem solving. Comparing gamers to non gamers, they have more creativity and have been known to solve problems faster than those who are non gamers.

By better understanding video games, we can determine whether a video game is a "violent activity" and/or " a waste of time and money" and how they affect the human mind. That saying that we can improve our skills at any age, and inspire younger people to incorporate a certain amount (to a limit) of gaming into their lives. This can, threw time allow people to improve their mental skills. Gaming has also been used as a therapeutic way of healing, or recovering from severe stress. An example is that the game "Tetris" has been known to reduce the amount of negative flashbacks. Many have yoga, and many have gaming, what can we say?

Yes, playing video games, to a certain extent just like anything else can be to much. There are some negative side to it, just as anything has, you can spend hours at a time playing a video game, instead of doing something else. You can spend a lot of money on getting all the series of a game, or parts of a game. In the end some people don't play games not because of the time, but its usually because of one of two things, either one; they don't know how, or two, they just haven't found any interest in it. And that's okay, just like any other hobby, its choice not a necessity.

However, playing video games can help in many ways. High-action pack video games such as first-person shooter games can actually help with attention span, memory, and help with brain plasticity. Playing action packed video games has been known to increase your attention span 10 fold. Playing video games has also been known to increase multi-tasking abilities. Just as Johnson says; "The key, however, was that the benefit went beyond the multitasking skill they were trained on in the game. Older adults’ performance also improved on tasks that tested their abilities to sustain attention and to recognize a face after a delay. The improvements lasted six months." Isn't that amazing? That playing video games can help aging minds young. "

So, its basically practice. Practice makes perfect for anything and you have to be bad at something the first time in order to be great at it. Video games help with memory, some games having something called "missions" where the character or the user is give a task that they have to complete as part of the game. These tasks help with...

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