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Gamified System for ShareAll –
1. Define Business Objectives:
ShareAll being a player in the Collaborative Consumption space, aims to promote the noble idea of sharing things. Instead of buying new things for one time use or so, people should rather rent them or get them from someone who doesn’t need them. Adding Gamification elements to ShareAll’s services should result in one (or more) of the following: 1. Existing customers may be motivated to share more products, in turn protecting ShareAll’s position in the market. 2. New customers will be prompted to share more, thereby generating more activity on the website 3. The sharing activity of these customers will lead to generation of more ‘shares’ which would have a direct impact on the  company’s profit making abilities. 4. Gamification for good will also play a role here by preserving the value of the shared products over time. 2. Delineate Target Behaviors:

We want people to share more (leading to more shares being traded & income generated for the company). Since there is no existing player in the category (existing players being very confined to only one kind of product/service) & ShareAll has a competitive advantage by having a patent in the category, it can use it to the fullest extent by publicizing itself as the only place where people can go online and do things which they cannot do anywhere at present. It can do so by collecting user data in the registration phase, by offering people a bazillion categories to choose from and getting their personal information like their likes, dislikes, hobbies, areas of interests, etc. This will enable the company to target them in the most efficient way possible, by using advanced matching techniques, so that if a person is looking to share something, he/she may only see the listings that are from people with the similar areas of interests, likes/dislikes as they have! This would motivate people to opt for this service as this can prove to be...
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