Games at Twilight

Topics: Working Man, Kiran Desai Pages: 8 (2187 words) Published: June 21, 2010

|Games at Twilight |In this story we observe how does high society in India lives. | | |This family lived in a big house with a porch, a big garden in | | |which children could play and a garage with a driver. Summer in| | |India is so intense, that even high-society suffers form the | | |extreme heat. That’s why children couldn’t children couldn’t go| | |outside to play, however workers at the outside of the house | | |continued working. | |Private tuition by Mr. Bose |Mr. Bose earned his money working as a private teacher. He had | | |to work all day because he had to support his family, which was| | |formed by his wife and son. He thought Sanskrit, a language | | |that comes from the origins of India. Indians never forget | | |about this part and in this case, uses it for supporting his | | |family. | |Studies in the park |Suno’s family was worried about his studies and pushed him to | | |study all the time because in India if you don’t study you | | |won’t have many possibilities. There people make lots of | | |activities outside, in the park. When Suno started to study | | |there and looked at different people’s reality he questioned | | |himself what was he doing. | |Surface textures |We can see how money generates trouble in families. In this | | |situation the father, Harish, ends alone and starts to live his| | |own reality turning into a “Swami”. This shows part of their | | |culture because the swami is an Indian icon. | |Sale |In this story we observe that high-classes in India don’t mind | | |in going into slums or into low-class neighborhoods and that | | |they can admire the work they do. Another fact to take into | | |account is the necessity of the artist, who is from the low | | |society, of selling a painting to obtain some money. | |Pineapple cake |Mrs. Fernandez is a mother from the low class but she desires | | |to belong to the high society. She wants to take the wedding as| | |an opportunity to...
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