Topics: Video game, Video game culture, Video game controversy Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Video games

Around the world, more than half a billion people are playing video games at least an hour a day- about 183 million in the U.S. alone. Video games have a way of taking a person to a fictional world where they can be who they want to be and use unmentionable tactics they would never use in reality. A person has the chance to act out situations in which would be frightening out in the real world. A majority of the time, a video gamer will find themselves taking the game world and bringing it to life. Video games may help a gamer find themselves, but can cause a gamer to react negatively through violence as well as change their social behavior.

Video games can alter one’s mind by triggering a second persona or block one’s ability to obtain a healthy relationship with others. Studies by Brigham Young University in Utah show that a student’s relationship with peers and family declines when engaged in video gaming. The longer they play, the easier it is for them to become involved in alcohol or drug abuse (Silverman). A child’s grade may drop as they become addicted to the video game because the brain adapts and sends signals suggesting its satisfaction. Those who play graphic video games do not escape unscathed; the game violence often transfers to their regular lives and shows itself in their behavior. Anti-social behavior in today’s society can leave young adults and teens in a down path spiral without any social skills needed in jobs and colleges, friendships, and relationships with peers or spouses can be affected and ruined. These ‘M’ rated games have a 17+ sticker on them, because they are made for a Mature audience that are at least 17 years of age. Although stores that sell these games are very strict about selling these games to customers of the proper age. These ‘M’ rated games fall into the hands of very young children. Many of these games have things in them that parents do not want their children seeing. They use profanity, use drugs,...
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