Game Review of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Topics: Super Mario Bros., Princess Peach, Mario Pages: 34 (12368 words) Published: December 6, 2005
Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Battle Command Overview
5. Characters
6. Walkthrough
7. Enemies
8. Bosses
9. Weapons
10. Armor
11. Accessories
12. Items
13. Shops
14. Hidden Treasure Chests
15. Melody Bay Songs
16. Mini-Games
17. Credits
18. Copyright Notice
19. Contact Information


-= 1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (10/13/00): The new reformatted and complete version of this FAQ.


-= 2. Introduction -=

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is one of the newer games for the Super Nintendo. It has a bunch of characters from past Mario games, as well as a few new faces here and there. The game was also made by Square alongside Nintendo, so it's a pretty decent RPG-type game. If you're into the Mario series or if you're just interested in trying this game, I recommend you play it as soon as you can!


-= 3. Controls -=

A: (Outside battle) Talk to someone, make selections on the menu screen (In battle) Use the Attack Command, perform Timed Hits

B: (Outside battle) Jump, cancel a selection/command on the menu screen (In battle) Use the Etc. Command

X: (Outside battle) Access the menu screen
(In battle) Use the Item Command

Y: (Outside battle) Run (hold Y while using the Control Pad; hold while jumping to make wider jumps)
(In battle) Use the Special Command, execute certain special moves

L: Switch between Stereo and Mono sound in the file selection screen

R: Same as L

Start: Start the game (press on the title screen to reach the file selection menu)

Select: Same as L and R


-= 4. Battle Command Overview -=

A: Your regular attack command. You'll be mainly using this against the enemies. When you attack, you can do a Timed Hit by pressing A right as the first hit connects with the enemy. That way, you'll get an extra hit in and take some more damage, too!

B: Your "defensive" command. You can either choose to defend against an attack, or even attempt to run away from a battle. You'll usually be able to run away, but sometimes you won't be able to for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the enemy's agility could be faster than your party's. Another more important one is that you CAN'T run from a battle against a boss!

X: The command you use to take an item. You can select an item to use in battle against the enemy(s), or to heal yourself or someone else in your group.

Y: Your special attack command. You can use a Special Attack with this command, provided you have enough FP (Flower Points) to execute that move!


-= 5. Characters -=


The plump plumber from the Super Mario Brothers series returns for another adventure in Super Mario RPG! He is a great fighter with regular attacks, plus he's great with his infamous jumping and fireball specials!

Mario's Specials

FP Used: 3
Level Learned: N/A
My Description: Mario jumps on the enemy! Press Y as you make contact with the enemy to make it a Timed Hit.

Fire Orb
FP Used: 5
Level Learned: 3
My Description: Mario shoots a bunch of small fireballs at a single enemy. Press Y as fast as you can to get a lot of fireballs shot!

Super Jump
FP Used: 7
Level Learned: 6
My Description: Same as the regular jump, obviously: Mario stomps on the enemy!...
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