Game and Students

Topics: Game, A Great Way to Care, Question Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Content Area: MATH

1. Quick Write
a. I would have a quick write journal that would be written in at the end or beginning of class. This would be a place where students could write about any questions, comments or concern they had. Students can be shy and not want to say when they are falling behind in front of the class, but writing it in a journal that I only see would be a great way to express how they feel. b. The students would not be graded on grammar or spelling so they could feel comfortable writing however they feel. This will help me understand how he is feeling while also allowing him to write a lot. Writing will help make him comfortable and is a good way for English learners to read and write English more. I will be able to address any questions or issues he is having with the material. 2. Poster Projects

c. This would be a group work assignment. I would have them do this at the end of our lessons and it would work great for graphing, equations or shapes. This would be group work done in class and they would have to present it to the class. I would give a problem or question out to each group and they would have to answer it and explain their steps on the poster. d. This would help with interacting with other students and speaking in front of a classroom. The presentation would be to show what the group did and teach the class that problem. They would go step by step and each student in the group would be responsible for explaining a part of the solution. Even presenting in groups makes speaking in front of a class more comfortable. Also, interacting with other students will help students feel more comfortable. This will also be a representation of modeling, but the students will be demonstrating it rather than me. Going step by step will help students grasp the concepts and see the problem worked out with a visual aid. 3. Games

e. This game that would be similar to the game “War” but instead of cards, it...
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