Game and Instant Replays

Topics: Game, Tennis, Sports technology Pages: 4 (418 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Computers and Sports

Jose Vejar
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Professor Swan
ITCS 3688
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What makes sports special? Is it the pride in rooting for a favorite team, the intensity of hearing the thunderous chants of a packed stadium? Or what about the various in-game technologies used for entertainment? It would be an abomination to think of going through an entire game without seeing an instant replay. Instant replays have played a positive role in sports technology as referees can make better call making decisions and fans can become more engaged in the game. December 7, 1963: Tony Verna created the instant replay. He was a young CBS producer who took video they replayed for news broadcasts and converted them into sports broadcasts. He displayed his new idea in the fourth quarter of the annual Army versus Navy football match on that cold December day (Schiavenza). Officials are prone to human errors, so bad calls can go unnoticed. With instant replays, people can relax knowing that there is backup for a bad call and referees can breathe knowing that they have assistance if they miss anything. In basketball, replay is used to see if the ball was released before the shot clock hits zero (technologyinsport). For novice viewers it might not be as second nature to spot bad calls, with replays they now can get more involved in the game. Instant replays capture great and impossible once in a life time moments. In tennis a high-speed camera, Hawk-eye, is used to help athletes improve their game by capturing every motion they make during a match. More importantly, it gives the audience a sense of suspense while waiting for the replay to see if the ball was in-bounds (technologyinsport). Sports technology has come a long way since its introduction and it’s only going to get better. A game without replaying highlights or violations is seen as unfair. Replay devices like the Hawk-eye can impact the culture...

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