Gambling Outline

Topics: Lottery, Gambling / Pages: 4 (922 words) / Published: Sep 19th, 2012
Nick Cortese
Research Outline
Thesis: Gambling in society has detrimental effects to people in United States.

Topic: I. There are certain types of gambling that people should be aware of.
A. Gambling is any bet you make that involves chance, a stake, and there is a pay-off. “Here is the definition of gamble – to play at any game of chance for stakes, to bet on an uncertain outcome” (Brown). “The following three elements must be present for something to be defined as gambling: a pay-off, the element of chance, and the stake risked by the bettor” (Brown).
B. Many events could be considered gambling, but the most popular form of gambling is lotteries. “Some types of gambling are gaming, betting, lotteries, sweepstakes, raffles and pools” (Brown). “According to a December 2007 Gallup poll, playing the lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the U.S.” (Update: Lotteries).
C. Playing the lottery is the most played gambling “game” in the U.S. 1. “Nearly half of the poll's respondent, 46%, said they had bought a state lottery ticket in the past year” (Update: Lotteries). 2. “By contrast, only 24% of respondents had participated in the second most popular form of gambling, casino games, while 14% had bet on the outcomes of sporting events in an office pool” (Update: Lotteries).

Topic: II. Some people think gambling helps state governments and the public but gambling is only detrimental to both.
A. Supporters say that lotteries are worthwhile because they are beneficial for everyone and they are entertaining, but critics say that legalizing gambling would actually cost the government a lot of money. “Of the staggering $56 billion that Americans spent playing state-run lotteries in 2006, $17 billion went directly to state governments, while the remainder was awarded as prize money or used to cover the advertising and administrative costs of

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