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Sose EssayConditions at Gallipoli11/04/13

Australians fought at three Theatres in World War One. The following essay describes the conditions, the food, the mateship they made, hygiene and the noise. The Australians troops had indeed experienced all of this. The conditions that the soldiers were living in and had to put up with at Gallipoli was not great. The troops had limited supplies and resources. These men would not have been very well nourished and were probably feeling week from lack of energy due to not eating any good nourishing foods. The hygiene in Gallipoli was very poor, there would have been no showers so the best they probably had were buckets of sea water and some kind of soap. The troops had very little medical supplies, so the wounded had a high risk of infection and fevers due to the infection. Diseases would have been spread extremely easily by the dead rotting bodies of the deceased especially when it got hot. Just the smell alone of the thousands of dead rotting bodies in the heat would make any man feel extremely sick as it was. Sleep was difficult and the trenches were hard to keep clean, so lice and skin diseases were always affecting people. In winter the troops were often in cold and wet conditions for long periods of time, so chest infections and a painful infection of the feet called Trench Foot were common. Food in the trenches was poor. The main food was tinned beef with bread or biscuits. Proper hot food was only served when soldiers were safely behind the lines. Maconachie, which is a kind of Irish stew which was heated on a charcoal brazier, was popular with the soldiers, as were treats such as bacon, cheese and jam. The drinking water had to be transported from behind the lines and usually had a very unpleasant taste caused by the chlorine that was used to kill the germs. The physical space in the trenches would not have been that great. The front line trenches were just ditches that were two metres deep with sandbags...
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