Galatians Chapter Summary

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In the book of Galatians, the apostle Paul writes to the country of Galatia regarding misinterpreted practices around the time of 48 A.D. The Judaizers were using Old Testament ceremonial rituals like circumcision. They performed this ritual with Gentile’s who converted to the Christian faith. Paul rightly so, responded by clearly establishing additional requirements in order to receive justification. It is said that his adversaries had perverted the gospel of grace, and he stated “It is by grace through faith alone that people are justified” (Epistle). First, the beginning chapter of Galatians starts with Paul building accreditation. He explains to the Galatian people that he was not sent by any man, but by Jesus Christ and God. He prays for the Galatians (1:1-5). Then goes on to explain that he is not pleased with what they are doing, and that …show more content…
Everyone is subject to guardians. As children we are subject to the world until God sent his son to redeem those who believe. Since we are not sons of God, we have the Holy Spirit (4:1-7). Paul wants the Galatians to have the same excitement they had when he first visited. The Galatians were giving people and would’ve done anything for Paul, even rip out their eyes and give them to him. The unbelievers want them to be zealous over them and this is bad. But it is good to be zealous if the purpose is good (4:8-20). Why would you want to live under rules? Abraham had two children, one from a free woman, and one from an enslaved woman. People who live under the law came from the enslaved woman, in the end they will get no piece of inheritance from Abraham. On the other hand, children from the free woman will receive inheritance (21-31). It is good to know that we who believe are not enslaved. The laws and regulations from our government do not enslave us the same as what the bible is talking about I

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