Galatians 3: 28

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Biblical interpretation continues to be a struggle since Galatians 3:28 is considered to give license for women to hold ecclesiastical office. In context, Galatians here refers to the unity in Christ in the scope of the freedom found in salvation. We are not necessary shattering culture, male/female roles. This is since we are incapable of living culture free as Pazmino has pointed out. Ironic though that he mentions hermeneutic in a later paragraph because instead, Gal. 3:28 maintains that all regardless of religion, race, sex, slavery are all united in Christ as believers. This maintains the distinctive of roles between the sexes while keeping equality in given capabilities. In context, we must view Gal. 3:24, to inform us that we …show more content…
Evangelicalism as a whole has not been responsive to this challenge Pazmino states as referring to Flatbush in the 1960’s. My reply is where are the parents? If these parents are present then why are they not responsible? Why are other immigrants successful when many locals are not? Then when locals are successful, why do they leave the neighborhood permanently? Still, the local church must respond to needs within their vicinity. Christian schools (Huisken, 1969) have a responsibility locally as well.

“The school and church, then, must be pictured as being intimately related, the one is the foundation for the other. This is why I stated earlier that it is so important where you go to school. The principles of the church are necessarily reflected in the teaching of the
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Finally, There is another impossible pursuit seen in Wolterstorff, mentioned repeatedly. While his addition of systematic insights into education is generally sound, these are greatly diminished due to his errant position of supporting homosexual unions, pseudo-marriage. Where I otherwise could esteem the work of a former philosophical theology professor from Yale, but now to quote him within Christian education I must either give a caveat on his teaching or search for a substitute. I cannot justify a refusal to properly interpret Romans. Tuininga was shocked that Wolterstorff is not (Tuininga, 2016) responsible in exegesis.

“...people suppress the truth of God revealed in creation, exchanging that truth for the lie of idolatry. Hence they worship the creature rather than the creator. They are guilty of turning the order of things on their head and so are living a lie.”

A wide consideration of all of the Scriptures will reveal an opposite command to obey these, standing directly against Wolterstorff’s characterization of homosexuality. When (Hill, & Hill, 2017) this message is analyzed the fault becomes

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