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I. Terms and Conditions:
In this final project, each group will choose a brand of their preference (A. Please do not choose an unknown or unsuccessful brand, B. It is OK if a brand is chosen by more than one group) and analyze the sources and outcomes of its brand equity. A thorough analysis should cover most of the topics outlined below, and be based on actual primary and secondary data. For an organized group project please do not hesitate to follow and apply the relevant frameworks discussed during class sessions. Each group should present their work in order to be graded. Presentations will be 15 minutes max, and will be judged on both content, organization, and style. A hard copy of the group report should be delivered at the time of presentation.

II. Outline
* Brief history & portfolio of the brand

* Brand identity analysis
* Which core & extended identity elements are used to build brand identity? * What is the value proposition?

* How are these brand elements communicated to the target audience? * Marketing programs (the mix)
* IMC programs

* Who is the target audience?
* Characteristics of the target audience
* Collect data (conduct simple in-depth interviews / focus groups on a convenience sample) to measure the target audience in terms of * Brand awareness
* Brand image
* Other brand equity dimensions

* What is the brand positioning strategy?
* Competitive frame of reference
* Points of parity & Points of differentiation

* Branding strategy
* Brand architecture
* Brand extension
* Global / regional brand strategy

* Strategic suggestions
* Sample strategic suggestions may be as follows:
* How can brand equity be stronger?
* How can brand equity be leveraged into new product categories? * What alternative brand elements & communication programs be designed for...
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