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Early writers of America made many contributions to the development of a distinct American identity. Some of these contributors included John Smith, William Bradford, John Winthrop, Anne Bradstreet, Mary Rowlandson, and Cotton Mather. These writers all expressed their unique views through their writing. These contributions will be further explained throughout this paper.

John Smith, an English soldier and author, was born in January of 1850. He is known for founding the first English settlement. Along with his founding of the first English settlement, he was also famous for his literary works. His literary works held the same amount of importance as his founding of Jamestown. Some of his famous works included a Map of Virginia, The Proceedings of the English Colony in Virginia, and the General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles. Smith’s literature assisted in documenting the first colonies of America. His work entitled the The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles explains the different conflicts that the colonists and himself encountered. Smith tried his best to keep the colonists safe. “Smith little dreaming of that accident, being got to the marshes at the river’s head twenty miles in the desert, had his two men slain (as is supposed) sleeping by the canoe, while himself by fowling sought them victual, who finding he was beset with 200 savages, two of them he slew, still defending himself with the aid of a savage his guide, whom he bound to his arm with his garters and used him as a buckler, yet he was shot in his

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thigh a little, and had many arrows that stuck in his clothes but no great hurt, till at last they took him prisoner.”(Norton & Company, p.48) This passage described how Smith risked his life to protect others and pave a way for the people of today. His actions articulates his bravery and his loyalty to himself and the colonists.


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Brittney Wynter
English 203.001
October 13, 2010
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