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By jenny1694 Apr 14, 2013 492 Words
Graffiti is a words or pictures that are written or dawn on walls, signs, posters, and even on the street. Graffiti culture has evolved into an art form of its own, using..... Hosier Land - Melbourne, is one of the most famous places in over the world where graffiti is legal. Surely no one can not surprise with the exciting, unimagined and magical at this place. All the ugly walls, concrete roads here were put on a colorful jacket, exquisite and bring the feeling of artistic. This is called the Art of Graffiti. However, this street art are now considered by some old, selfish and mercenary people is illegal job. This also creates a big debate about the different between art and vandalism.

As walk down to the Hosier Lane in Melbourne, people can only be attracted with the exciting and beautiful panting in here. This place is also known as “street art capital of the world “, Lonely Planet (the world’s most travel guide) where many young artists can explore their talent and express their soul about what they believe. And Hosier Lane is the perfect, magical place for nurturing young talent. This is also the most reason why many tourists around the world come to Melbourne each year to enjoy this new form of art – Graffiti. Hosier Lane is more becoming a “hot landmark” for tourist to visit Melbourne. With the explosion of color and stencil, it is simply to find dozen of visitors in every age, young and old wandering the street if it were a gallery.

The writer-Stephen Royce argues “graffiti culture encourages law breaking vandalism and a disrespect for public and private property”. Admittedly, it may be the case that graffiti sometime was dawn or tackling as a messy and ugly picture by some rude people. Therefore, more and more people misunderstanding about this form of art and these own artist. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that there are a huge different between vandalism and graffiti. Graffiti is an artwork created by true artist in contract to vandalism is making by rude and unacknowledged person.

To sum up, it is essential that the government scrutinizes the rationale of both sides before any action can be taken. However, there still has much evidence that proof and approved graffiti is the form of art, not vandalism as many people thought. Moreover, graffiti can bring many benefits for the tourism in order to promote the economic growth. This form of art can also contribute character, develop the children‘s intelligence and educate them how have the love or passion of life. If the ugly and beneficial advertisement can be legal in the public places, so why can graffiti cannot? Finally, graffiti should be considered as street art because of the huge benefit it brings to the society and graffiti deserved to have the respect of society.

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