Futuristic Home

Topics: Electric motor, RFID, Wireless Pages: 3 (461 words) Published: June 24, 2013
VHDL Based Smart Futuristic Home
Everyone fantasizes about staying in a home where everything is automatically controlled and we just enjoy the show. This project aims at building a Smart Futuristic Home where all the devices are controlled through a CPLD/FPGA, the parameters for which in turn are passed through the PC.

This project is a combination of a Security System, a Scheduler and a Profile Controlled Home. The Profile Controlling is controlled through the Wireless Key Ring, which will be in the hands of the owner of the House.

This House can automatically turn ON/OFF the devices that it is controlling at desired time thus performing as a Scheduler.
This Futuristic House also features a Security System in which there will be 8 Sensors, which can detect any Door or Window open. The user is identified through the RFID tag reader by reading the tags and the Password is entered through the Key Board of the PC and the Database is maintained in the backend. The Backend is maintained either in Oracle or in My SQL. Also, a Stepper Motor Controlled Camera is mounted near the door so that we can have a look at the outside before opening the door. The door opens when the correct password is inputted for the valid RFID tags acting as smart Cards. The door opening Mechanism is demonstrated using: a. Motor for Retractable Doors

b. Magnetic Lock

The Profiling of the house is controlled through a Wireless Key Chain (something like a Car key Controller) and can Support up to 8 profiles.
The profiling is especially useful when we wish that the house should behave differently for different occasion. Some of the profiles that can be supported can be: a. Secured
b. Out of House
c. Party
d. Some Members
e. Friends Visiting
f. Parents Visiting
g. Alone in home Etc.

The system can control devices depending on the Scheduling or the Profiling. The Devices controlled will be:...
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