Future Trends in Softdrinks

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Future Flavor Trends in Soft Drinks
New opportunities for natural, healthy, and exotic flavors
New Ingredients Report - Published November 2008

Importance of health trends in the drinks industry over the next 5 years

Source: Future Flavor Trends in Soft Drinks

Key questions answered by this report...
• • • • • • What are the key emerging trends and opportunities in soft drinks flavors? Which drinks and flavor manufacturers drive innovation in this area? What are the most common and fastest growing flavors in the soft drinks categories? Which new product launches featured emerging flavors and how were they marketed? What are the top flavors in new products claiming to be natural, organic or high in antioxidants? Which drinks industry trends within health and indulgence do industry executives consider the most important?

Identify and anticipate the key innovation trends and new product opportunities in soft drinks flavors with this new management report...

Business Insights’ Ingredients Series
Business Insights is developing a unique new series of reports that identifies key trends in ingredients, future innovation and growth opportunities. We are using our strengths in analysis of the food and drinks markets to provide new insight on developments in ingredients. Ingredients companies are facing a new set of challenges as ongoing consumer demand for healthy and indulgent products creates both new growth opportunities and commercial pressures. Trust and transparency have become more important particularly in accounting for health claims of new ingredients, their ethical and environmental credentials and their provenance. In health, legislation affecting claims and product safety are changing, meaning functional ingredients will be subject to increased scrutiny. In addition, growing consumer experimentation and acceptance of novel and exotic ingredients is fuelling demand for indulgent products. Those natural ingredients offering new flavors as well as realizable and tangible health benefits are likely to achieve the highest growth. The appetite for natural ingredients that can deliver health benefits to the substantial number of consumers seeking wellness remains high and will remain strong as the population ages. Despite the push towards natural ingredients, there remain opportunities for manufacturers taking a more scientific-based route. Development of proprietary ingredients and improved delivery systems that offer better bioavailability or taste sensations are key areas of expansion for the future.

Key issues examined by this report...
Market value of functional drinks in Europe and US ($m), 2007-2011

The importance of natural. Loyal users of ‘natural’ products are increasing in both Europe and the US, and this trend is predicted to continue. A substantial number of soft drinks now clearly promote their naturalness by stating something about ‘natural colors and flavors’ on the labelling. Health concerns. Drinks have been in the spotlight over the last five years because of the growing strength of evidence of the links between the ingredients in some drinks (such as sugars and acids) and prevalent chronic diseases (such as obesity, diabetes and dental decay). Industry reaction to growing concern over these negative health issues has led to changes in formulations and therefore changes to drink flavors. Increased interest in exotic food and drink. Many consumers are becoming more experimental and open to new flavors when choosing and consuming food and drink. The growing popularity of tropical fruits in non-tropical countries and/or regions is an important trend affecting drinks flavors.

Source: Future Flavor Trends in Soft Drinks

“Functional drinks market value is expected to increase in Europe to $10,357m in 2011 from $8,531m in 2007, a CAGR of 5.0%. Many functional ingredients have an impact on flavor characteristics of the drinks they are used in. These...
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