Future Prospects

Topics: Labour economics, Branch, Major Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: October 22, 2010
Where do I see myself in 5 years time?
In five years time, I would like to see myself having moved up from the position of a consultant, to at least a business unit manager, if I am still employed at LabourNet. At this time, LabourNet’s workforce would have increased drastically, with branches all across the country, and many more in Gauteng. This would have led to major growth in the Skills & Equity department, where almost all the major branches would have a separate Skills & Equity department, with its own business unit manager and staff complement. This is vital due to the fact that currently, our clients are located all across the province, and it would be a lot more effective for these clients to be serviced by their closest LabourNet branch. As explained, I would hope to head up one of the Skills & Equity divisions in one of these branches, even if it means moving down to Durban, which would be great. This would lead to great opportunities for growth for myself, as well as enable to gain experience in another facet of the business, which would me in the role of a manager. I still see myself servicing clients, but not as many as I would have, as a consultant. My focus would be on growth and retention, as well increasing the profit margin for the branch. If I were to dream a little more, I would see myself as a branch manager. However, prior to that, I would have liked to gain some experience in the IR and HR fields, maybe training and working as an IR and HR consultant for a short period, to gain a better understanding of the different aspects of LabourNet. This would be vital in my path to becoming a Branch manager, due to the fact that if I were to lead, I would need to understand the workings of my business, and without that knowledge and experience, I would fail as any manager. Even if I were remain a consultant, I would like to be trained and work as an HR consultant, as well as an IR consultant, to gain experience in those fields which would be...
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