Future Posibilites of Stem Cell Research

Topics: Stem cell, Cell, Somatic cell nuclear transfer Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Due to recent discoveries, stem cell research will have many future medical possibilities. A recent stem cell breakthrough shows that cloning human organs or body parts to treat patients with injured organs or limb deficiencies could be possible. “The cloning techniques can also be used to grow organs for patients with a failing liver or kidney.” Because the newly cloned organ will be genetically identical to the one being replaced, rather than a donated one, the chances of it being rejected will be very low. Ultimately, this opens up many possibilities of curing patients with injuries, amputations, and failing organs. Stem cell research also reveals the ability to cure diseases. “Researcher Dieter Egli said their work was inspired by the thought of being able to take stem cells from embryos and use them to treat and even cure diseases. Worn out hearts could be patched up, aged brains could be rejuvenated and diabetics could be freed from the need to take insulin, all thanks to stem cells.” Stem cell researchers believe it is possible to cure diseases by replacing old organs with newly cloned ones. This will impact future medical possibilities because newer treatments will be out there and the ability to cure diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer may be possible. Furthermore, federal funding for stem cell research has been limited although by the popularity of its breakthroughs; stem cell research may receive federal funding in the near future. This will broaden stem cell research and allow scientists a greater chance of discovering new medical possibilities in the near future.
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