Future Outlook of Hasbro

Topics: Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Monopoly Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Future Outlook of Hasbro

Hasbro’s current economic output is at a positive state even though most of the world is going through a recession. Recently there had been a rumor scattering around the market that Hasbro was going to drop the brands: Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. This newfound rumor came up as “just plain false” states Mark Morris, public relations director for the Rhode Island-based company through an interview from Games Games Games Magazine. Later in the article he talks about why Hasbro has decided to put both the Hasbro logo and Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers logo on a product (Arneson). Any rumor whether it be bad or good can be detrimental towards a business’s success.

Besides the negative rumors Hasbro is not far behind the other toy giant Mattel. With Mattel owning 16% of the toy market share and Hasbro close behind owning 11% there is a lot of tough competition. Through Researching through articles that Hasbro have interviewed in we found that Hasbro is putting a lot of time and effort into the new line of Transformers. They are also putting a lot of effort into developing intuitive ways to reach out to their target audience. With an earning of over four billion dollars I don’t think Hasbro shouldn’t have a problem.

In a recent press release by Hasbro we have found that they have kicked innovation to a new level and have come up with some intelligent toys that are sure to be gold on the market. Some of their new releases include a new family television channel called Hub, new Nerf apparel, and new improvements to the age old game of Monopoly (Hasbro, 2010). With our plan of augmented reality and implementing it into the games of Monopoly and Battleship would be skyrocketing our relationship with our consumers. In this day in age having a relationship with your audience can be very vital. The technology that we have begun to research and create will benefit Hasbro in many ways. As we said before it will benefit our business to...
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