Future of Montserrat

Topics: Pyroclastic flow, Soufrière Hills, Volcano Pages: 4 (1203 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Geography Essay: Future of Montserrat
The island of Montserrat is situated upon an underwater volcano created by a destructive plate boundary, with the volcanos peak protruding from the south side of the island by the name of Chances Peak in an area entitled Soufriere Hills (in the Caribbean). For 350 years the volcano had remained dormant; however a few weeks ago, Chances Peak became active again and began to emit dust and ash – warning signs that an eruption was almost imminent. On July 20th 1995 (yesterday) the anticipated eruption occurred, producing numerous quandaries for the surviving residents of Montserrat.

Montserratians will experience the social impacts of the eruption; these may be the most direct of all the predicaments they encounter and therefore the most challenging to face. Since the volcanos on the island are perceived as unpredictable, the inhabitants are fearful of another eruption. Though they are presently being transferred to a temporary safe region, it is unknown whether a subsequent eruption would be more severe than the first and raise the figures for the injured or killed (19) unnecessarily. Hence the many who have left the island to reside (maybe permanently) in neighbouring islands, the UK or the USA, however this only applies to the populace that possess sufficient funds to do so. The safe regions are reportedly extremely crowded; consequently, with the low sanitation levels, the spread of disease will accelerate. Also, farmers are unable to farm due to constricted land and the devastating environmental impacts of the volcano.

If the more wealthy (we can assume the more educated) no longer choose to reside in the island, a ‘brain drain’ will transpire, leaving farmers and communities with small businesses that rely on tourism on Montserrat, though if eruptions cease and the volcano becomes dormant again, life for the farmers could improve as over time the soil of the area would be very fertile. As a result of the ‘brain...
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