Future of Medical Transcription

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BOT 2523 – Medical Transcription
June 6, 2014
What is the Future of Medical Transcription?
We never know what the future may hold; that can be a very unsettling fact no matter what topic is being discussed. Not knowing what the future holds for one’s chosen profession is even more unsettling. Although some healthcare professionals believe that medical transcriptionists will soon be obsolete, the outlook for the medical transcription industry is not altogether bleak.

Technology is constantly evolving, allowing for more efficient flow of data in the vast world of healthcare. The implementation of the Electronic Health Record is a prime example. By storing records electronically on a secure server, information will be more easily accessed than they would be on paper files. One theory is that the EHR (or EMR) will replace the need for medical transcriptionists. This theory does not carry much weight due to the fact that medical transcriptionists will still be needed to transcribe the reports that go into the EHR. It is important, however, for transcriptionists to keep current with any new formatting and style updates to make the EHR system serve the purpose it is meant to serve.

Another speculation is that transcription services are being outsourced to other countries, which would decrease the need for medical transcriptionists in the United States. This is yet another false perception. According to the US Department of Labor there is a serious shortage of medical transcriptionists. They took steps to correct this problem by making medical transcription an apprenticeable profession.

The only plausible threat to the medical transcription industry is the increased use of voice recognition (or speech recognition) software. It is easy to see how the technology (such as that used in “talk-to-text”) would be very convenient in the transcription world. However, even this technology has some drawbacks. Voice recognition cannot be solely relied upon to produce...

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