Future Law Enforcement Weapons

Topics: Police, Constable, Police officer Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Everyday technology is taking advances in all fields of work forces, Especially Law Enforcement. Todays as well as future technology will make the jobs of those in the military and law enforcement easier as well as safer. As technology is breaking through, amendments 4 and 8 in the constitution need to be taken in consideration. The technologies may not be used to punish, and if it is searching equipment, a warrant is needed unless it will be used for sudden reasons of safety.

In the future, instead of a normal squad car, someone might see a bulletproof truck. What is cool about it is that, they are strictly for the safety of police officers; they do not need to worry about a warrant, or hurting someone. This tool in the future would save officers lives. The bulletproof trucks are crash resistant/ damage resistant, during a high speed chase, and can possible handle a small missile fire.

The portable radar system is a lightweight tool that sees through walls. This tool also promotes officer safety, it allows a building to be searched from the outside, detecting anything potentially dangerous on the inside. The officer would not have a problem with the 8th Amendment, this tool is not a weapon, it cannot be used to punish, restrain, or temporarily injure a suspect in anyway. Although the 4th Amendment would be needed to in consideration, because it is a tool that may be used to search private property. In order for Law enforcement to search another person’s property, a warrant is needed; it does not matter if the officers are searching from the inside or the outside, in this case the outside. Only when the safety of a person is threatened, may Law Enforcement use this tool without a warrant.

The grill mount Launcher, is a tool that attaches to the vehicle, and it allows the police officer to shoot a GPS system onto another vehicle to track. This tool would be useful during a high speed chase; the suspect could get away, but completely unaware that their...
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