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Topics: Sustainability, Time, Sustainable development Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Discuss what you believe to be the “future” for Sustainable Gastronomy. The future in this case would be the next 10 years Sustainability, often employed as a short-hand term for sustainable development, is all about people and time. It is about the past, present and the future. The past because it teaches us a great deal about human existence and how we have responded to stresses, the present because we have a moral duty to make sure that those alive today have the best quality of life that can be provided and the future because what has been done in our past and present should not damage the quality of future generations to enjoy a good quality of life. Operations, in this case restaurants, that practice sustainable development can accrue benefits including cost containment, revenue enhancement, and a positive public image, not to mention employee satisfaction. Customers want it, government require it, employees find pride to be associated with it, and certifications and standards provide measures of performance for it, this all proves sustainable development is here to stay. An increasing amount of stakeholders is taking sustainability into account; more and more suppliers in the supply chain are aware of ‘responsible thinking’. Figure 1 shows the parties involved in the supply chain concerning gastronomy (http://www.hotelmule.com/);

Of course there are restaurants that actually care about sustainability, but generally the main objective of a restaurant is to make profit. All hospitality businesses have different strategies to reach a maximum profit; some companies try to reach this by having the lowest costs, while others try to attract customers not by price, but by having a certain concept. A concept could be ecological or sustainability within the company, but as it is more expensive to have such a concept, it is difficult for companies to compete by having the lowest price.

As sustainability is going to be more and more important for guests and...
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