Future Electrical Steering Systems

Topics: Power steering, Steering, Electric motor Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: August 23, 2013

Additional future requirements for automobiles such as improved vehicle dynamics control. Enhanced comfort, increased safety and compact packaging are met by modern electrical steering systems. Based on these requirements the new functionality is realized by various additional electrical components for measuring, signal processing and actuator control. However, the reliability of these new systems has to meet the standard of today's automotive steering products. To achieve the demands of the respective components (e.g. sensors, bus systems, electronic control units, power units, actuators) the systems have to be fault-tolerant. * Electrical power steering system (mechanical system with electrical boosting) * Steer-by-wire system with hydraulic back-up and

* Full steer-by-wire system
The paper presents solutions for these systems and discusses the various advantages and disadvantages, respectively. Furthermore strategies for failure detection, failure localization and failure treatment are presented. Finally the various specifications for the components used are discussed. 1. INTRODUCTION

In this paper the technical solutions and safety aspects of various electrical steering systems are described. For car manufacturers and end customers the use of electrical steering systems offers many advantages concerning flexibility, enhancement of familiar steering functions and the introduction of innovative steering functions. New steering functions, which are even coupled with automatic steering interventions, call for an adaptation of regulations concerning the approval of steering equipment. Development and production of the next generations of electrical steering systems up to purely electrical steering systems create high safety demands on components and systems. Reliable and safe electrical steering systems can be realized by using appropriate safety techniques for these new...

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