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Topics: Future, The Stage, Following Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: March 13, 2015
PJ 1: Create a Journal page that tracks the VOC for a day or over a weekend period, if it is persistent. Describe the situations in which it was more dominant. Was it a novel situation? What positive statements did you use to replace and silence the VOC? PJ 2: Create a Journal page that lists and describe the influences on your thinking and creativity to date . Describe the processes and outcomes. PJ 3: Create a Journal page that lists and describe the steps you could use to reach reach a solution when faced with a specific problem . PJ 4: Create a Journal page that describes an incident where you had a major change of perception . PJ 5: Create a Journal page that describes the stage of knowing you are currently in . Provide examples to support your stage of knowing. How can you advance or maintainyour stage? PJ 6:  Watch the following clip:

http://www.youtube.com/embed/W86jlvrG54o?rel=0   Write a journal page based on Activity 6.4 p. 249  PJ7: Write a Journal page of the role of religion/Spirituality in your life . How has it shaped who you are today? What role is it playing currently and will play in the future, and why? PJ8: Write a Journal page of what metaphors you would use to describe your life, and why  PJ9:  Write a journal page on ways in which you can nurture your moral growth  - See Thinking Activity 9.7, p. 399  PJ 10 & 11:   Write about your experience presenting in this or a previous class. What emotions were stirred, etcetera  How has your presentation skills improved? Provide examples. PJ12:  Create your life philosophy  (See chapter 12) 
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