Fur Trade -Canada Essay

Topics: Hudson's Bay Company, Canada, Fur trade Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: June 21, 2013
The Hudson Bay Company (HBC) was created and developed North America and in doing so were the people who weren’t native to deal with the aboriginal people. Was this beneficial to the aboriginal people ways and culture and did it create stability for them? In my personal opinion I don’t believe so, as it lead them down a path of near destruction. I believe that the European messed with them and used them for their own personal gain. The Aboriginal people would have been perfectly fine without the Europeans. If it’s not broke- don’t try fixing it.

In 1670 the Hudson Bay Company came to North America with the plans to exploit the fur trade with the help of first nation’s people. Though the aboriginals did receive many use full tools like rifles, knives pots and pans this lead them down a road of losing their culture and way of life, of living off the land. With these newly found tools that made their lives easier they became softer and lost a lot of their traditional ways. The killing of the animals was less spiritual and now played on the gains they would receive from the sale of the fur. Before the Europeans came, they had a more intimate bond with nature and the land around them. Aboriginals began dressing in more European style clothing whereas their traditional clothes.
With the newly found power of the rifle and the knife there was more violence between tribes and this caused more useless deaths among the Aboriginals that wouldn’t have necessarily happened before. The fur traders (Europeans) believe they were helping the tribes by supplying them with these tools and trinkets but actually were adding fuel to the fire. Tribes now began fight amongst each other plus adding on to the fact that they now have weapons, that didn’t help with the death ratio. Because of the want for these new tools, it changed the aboriginal’s way of life. They began harvesting animals at a faster rate driving some close to extinction which was not exactly in the original...
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