Fungus Like Protists

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Funguslike Protists
* heterotrophs, decomposers
* called slime molds and water molds

Dog Vomit Slime Mold  Mushroom Plantlike Protists: Red, Brown, Green Algae
Green Algae: Phylum Chlorophyta
Unicellular green algae, Colonial (volvox), Multicellular (ulva, sea lettuce) Spirogyra live in water, multicellular
named after a spiral shaped chloroplast

(Plantlike Protist)
produce thin cell walls of silicon, main component of glass

(Plant like Protist)

(Animal like protist)

(Animal like protist

Animal-like protists, called protozoa, get their energy by eating food. Plantlike protists, called algae, make their food by photosynthesis,& include ocean phytoplankton & green pond algae. Fungus-like protists live on dead things and inside people

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What is a Protist? | Animal-like Protists | Fungus-like Protists | Plant-like Protists

What is a Protist?
Protists are organisms that are classified into the kingdom Protista.  The protists form a group of organisms that really do not fit into any other kingdom.  Although there is a lot of variety within the protists, they do share some common characteristics. All protists are eukaryotic.  That is, all protists have cells with nuclei.  In addition, all protists live in moist environments. Protists can be unicellular or multicellular.  Protists can be microscopic or can be over 100 meters (300 feet) long.  Some protists are heterotrophs, while others are autotrophs. Since protists vary so much, we will group them into three subcategories: animal-like protists, fungus-like protists, and plant-like protists. Animal-like Protists

Protists that are classified as animal-like are called protozoans and share some common traits with animals.  All animal-like protists are heterotrophs.  Likewise, all animal-like protists are able to move in their environment in order to...
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