Funeral Blues

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Blues is the type of music that was used in the time of slavery. Slaves listened to this type of music to make them forget about their troubles and to give them hope. (Eng 111 tut, 2012). Blues has its deepest roots in the work songs of West African slaves in the South. During their back breaking work they developed a “call and response” way of singing to give rhythm to the drudgery of their servitude. The poem ‘funeral blues’ is written in the first person, this makes it more personal because he tells us about the writers personal feelings about a loss of someone he loved dearly and it tells us about the way he feels about the person he lost and how he cannot go on without this person. The writer is upset and angry about his loss. He says “stop all the clocks”(line 1) something that can be done literally by removing the batteries but not figuratively by stopping time. This is a way in which the writer utters his distress. He also goes on saying “cut of the telephone (line 1)” / “prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone (line 2)” / “silence the pianos (line 3)”. This is a way that the writer shows us that he does not want to be reminded of everyday life. At first I thought that the writers partner died but because the speaker way in which he expresses things in (line 4) “bring out the coffin, let the mourners come”, that is so disrespectful, something that someone would not say at a funeral, could it be that the he was dumped and feels hurt and angry at this person and this is just a way in which he expresses himself? The writer thinks that everybody should be feeling the way he does, he believes that it is not a time for others to enjoy themselves this is why he wants his loss to made into a public spectacle, he says ‘let the aeroplanes circle moaning over head (line5)’, this is a way the speaker emphasizes his desperate need for public mourning. The sound of an aeroplane, it is not a moaning sound but because the partner meant so much to the writer,...
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