Topics: Music education, School band, Education Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Fundraising for School Band
Carrie Shrum
Kaplan University
Nicole McInnes


Opening Paragraph
A) Thesis statement
1) Clear & Precise
2) On topic of Fundraising for band department
3) 3-5 sentences
Second paragraph
A) What is fundraising & Why is it used
B) Why am I wanting to do a fundraiser
C) Who am I raising money for
Third Paragraph
A) Why does the band department need money
B) What can be bought with money
C) Who will benefit with this money
Fourth Paragraph
A) What types of fundraising will be accomplished
B) Who will be handling the fundraising
C) Who will see out the fundraising
A) Simple & closed sentences
B) 5-7 sentences
Before all of the school budget cuts the musical department used to receive funds. Now it is all fundraising done by teachers, other staff, students, and parents. The music department needs supplies like any other class. Cleaning, cooking, bake sales, car washes and many other ideas have come into play to help raise money.

Fundraising is a way to raise monies for a certain group or organization among others. This is used when there is not enough money to buy the supplies or other things needed for the group or organization. A fundraiser would help the school’s music department greatly. New instruments, sheet music, reeds and more supplies are needed for the low income children who want to join and others kids as well. The music department has lost most of their funding due to budget cuts and lack of money from the government. School band has helped more children than most people think. This lets the children express themselves in a safer environment and is a good structure for the kids as well.

The music department has had more budget cuts than any other department in a school. Many politicians and law makers feel band is not a useful class for the future of the kids and have decided to take away the monies once given for supplies and trips. As mentioned before...

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