Fundamentals Software Architecture

Topics: Architecture, Software architecture, Client-server Pages: 29 (7358 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Unit 09 Assignment 2
Fundamentals of Software Architecture
Instructor: Ami Tran
Student: Cyril Foday-Kailie

Table of Content:

1. Introduction of Management Summary
2.0Scope and Definition
3.0Overviews for Requirements and Concerns
4.0 General Architectural principles
6.0Important Scenarios
7.0Quality Property Summary
8.0Need to Know Board


|Date |Version |Comment | |19th.June 2010 |Draft AD Version 1 Presented by Learner Cyril |AD to be reviewed by Fantasy | | |Foday-Kailie |Stake holders | Content

1Executive Summary1
2Version History1
6Goals, Objectives, and Constraints3
7Architecture Principles3
8Baseline Architecture3
8.1Business Architecture Models3
8.2Data Architecture Models3
8.3Application Architecture Models3
8.4Technology Architecture Models3
9Rationale and Justification for Architectural Approach3
10Mapping to Architecture Repository3
10.1Mapping to Architecture Landscape3
10.2Mapping to Reference Models3
10.3Mapping to Standards3
10.4Re-Use Assessment3
11Target Architecture3
11.1Business Architecture Models4
11.2Data Architecture Models4
11.3Application Architecture Models4
11.4Technology Architecture Models4
12Gap Analysis4
13Impact Assessment4

1Management Ececutive Summary
The draft Architectural definition is to clearly reflect detail requirement for the Engineering of a new software Architecture for Fantasy Games that will fulfill the business aim of dominating the market space in Internet sales, generate internet communities that will be able to host meaningful forum by means of chatting, blogging and discussions about current and feature Engineering of Games to reflect the needs of customers and market space. The new System will hold Game Products for worldwide marketing, protect customers privacy and integrate internal an external interfaces that are associated with the system. The document will describe the most efficient and effective means of integrating remote Fantasy Games productive offices in India, Singapore and US locations providing an unhindered but controlled access to productive portal to all it employees and consultants. The document contains define solutions that can convincingly aid validation process to commission the Engineering of the new Architecture. It will also contain context views and scenarios with relevant perspectives that can establish and enforce the viability of the new system which can be used as an input to begin the SDLC. Scope and Defination

The Architecture Definition Document is the deliverable container for the core architectural artifacts created during a project. The Architecture Definition Document spans all architecture domains (business, data, application, and technology) and also examines all relevant states of the architecture (baseline, interim state(s), and target). The Architecture Definition Document is a companion to the Architecture Requirements Specification, with a complementary objective:

• The Architecture Definition Document provides a qualitative view of the solution and aims to communicate the intent of the architects to Stakeholders of Fantasy Games that an adequate an efficient tradeoffs have been implemented as per agreement in various team meeting

• The Architecture Requirements Specification provides a quantitative view of the solution, stating measurable criteria that must be met during the implementation of the architecture to build a software system that will host internet sales for Fantasy games and host internet...

References: Don well (1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2009)
J. Ryan December 4, 2009
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