Fundamentals of Professional Advancement Career Report

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Fundamentals of Professional Advancement Career Report – Spring I 2013

Pick two careers to research. Besides the one you may feel relatively certain about, pick another that intrigues you – one that you may find equally or more satisfying, but perhaps in a different way, than your initial choice. Then, for each of these occupations, answer the questions below. (Answer each question separately. I do not want an essay that “blends” all these answers together!) You need to refer to at least three sources of information for each question. One of them must be either the Occupational Outlook Handbook or O’Net. The others could be one of your other favorite sources. If there is a difference in the information you find from your sources, you must consult a third source to determine which one is more likely to be accurate. See the end of this assignment for instructions on citation.

I. List your Four Possible Occupational “Contenders” and then the top two.
IINature of the Work: Explain why the nature of the work for each of these two occupations appeals to you. Be specific. For example, list the most significant tasks that you would enjoy doing and state the skills you have that will enable you to do this work well. In your explanation, pretend you are speaking to an interviewer and write your answer as you might speak it if you were asked why you believe you would be good at doing this work. Your answer should be direct and to the point. Besides your skills, you could also make reference to other relevant areas such as your values, interests, knowledge, experience, personality, and strengths.

If there are tasks that you might not like to do, or believe might be too challenging for you in some way, also state those tasks and explain your reasons for not liking those tasks at this time. Also explain what you believe will make it possible for you to do them in the future if you choose this occupation.

Based on the nature of the work...
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