Fundamentals of Nursing

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Fundamentals of Nursing-

Theory hours: 90
Clinical hrs: 325

1.Introduction to Nursing:
-Meaning of nursing
-Definitions of nursing
-Scope of nursing
-Role of a nurse
-Health Team
-Aims of nursing in the hospital and community

2. Nursing Profession
- Nursing as a profession
- Professional adjustment
- Qualities of a nurse
- Ethics in nursing

3. History of Nursing
- Ancient period
- Middle period
- Modern Era
- Florence Nightingale
- Nursing in India
- Organizations related to nursing

4. Health
- Definitions of health- Physical, mental and social health, spectrum of health, socio economic factors affecting health, characteristics of a healthy person

5. Hospital
- A community agency
- Types
- Objectives
- Functions
- Departmental organizations
- Nursing department
- Organization of the hospital ward
- Admission and discharge of the patients
- History taking

6. Hospital Environment:
- Therapeutic environment
- Care of the patient unit
- Bed making- unoccupied, occupied and special beds
-Bed accessories

7. Comfort measures:
- Personal hygiene, elimination, diet
- Rest and sleep
- Diversion and recreation
- Exercise
- Prevention of pressure sores, wrist drop and foot drop. - Role of nurse in physical, mental, social and spiritual comfort

8.First aid:
- Nursing in disaster
-First aid in various emergencies

9. Body mechanics:
- Posture and position
- Principles of body mechanics
- Lifting and moving
- Ambulation

PRACTICUM: Clinical experience will be organized according to the learning experience required. Students will practice the nursing procedures in the clinical area.


Theory hours: 60

1. Health and nutrition:
- Concept of health and nutrition
- Historical aspects of nutrition, nutritional trends.

2. An overview of nutrition:
- The nutrients
- The energy yielding nutrients, digestion and absorption
- The fibers
- Vitamins
- Minerals
- Water

3. Normal nutritional requirements for various age groups:
- Using the RDA
- Nutritional assessment

4. Modification of normal diet:
- clinical dietetics
- Soft diet
- Liquid diet
- Nutrient restricted diets
- High nutrient diets

5. Nutritional Problems:
- Malnutrition
- Deficiency diseases
- Food habits, food pattern and customs

6. Meal planning:
- Diet planning guides
- Food group plans
- Exchange lists
- Meal planning for different age groups and families

-Visit to local wholesale market
- cost analysis of vegetables, fruits and other groceries

- Planning and preparation of diets for various income groups and estimate daily cost per person. -Preparation of liquid and soft diet
- Planning, preparation and calculating the nutritional value of diet for: Infants, pre-school child, adolescent, adult, pregnant and lactating mother - Various disease conditions

Medical & Surgical nursing

Theory hours: 210
Clinical hrs: 675

1. Introduction of medical surgical specialties
- Concepts of critical care nursing including history and physical of Patient. - Progressive patient care with Patient and Family Teaching. - Nursing care standards.
- Nursing process applied in special care settings
-Stress, Pain and end of life care.
-Community and Cultural aspects.
-Older Adults.

2. Nursing care of patients with neurological and neurosurgical conditions: - Review of anatomy and physiology
- Special examinations and diagnostic tests, treatments.
- Special problems and nursing care of patients with neurological problems, concept of neuro ICU. - Cranial, spinal and peripheral neuropathies
- Cerebrum vascular accident
- Multiple...
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