Fundamentals of Mice Management - Brief Research on Several Mice Venues.

Topics: Circle MRT Line, HarbourFront MRT Station, Singapore Pages: 10 (3760 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Fundamentals of MICE Management – Individual Assignment AY2011/2012

During the course of this module, we were made aware of how different locations play an important part in the MICE industry and how they can be utilized as an event space for MICE events. In order to reinforce this message, we were brought onto two field trips, the NACLI tour and Suntec Facility tour to learn about their facilities and offerings. In this assignment, we would be going through how these places fare in terms of holding events, coupled with 3 other locations namely the Singapore Expo, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Resort World Sentosa.

National Community Leadership Institute:
The first trip was to the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI), which is located at 70 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 118176. Its location, situated in the midst of Kent Ridge Park, is fairly close to the Haw Par Villa MRT station, and some distance away from Buona Vista MRT station and Harbourfront station. However, there is only one bus stop with only one bus service near it. This makes the place relatively inaccessible as one may not know where to take the bus from. One would have to take a bus from either Harbourfront or Buona Vista station, and change to another bus to get there and if he or she is not familiar with the place, it would the journey much more difficult for them. Moreover, Haw Par Villa MRT station is still situated quite a distance away from NACLI itself, making it hard for people to actually get there. Barring that, NACLI would still be reachable by people all over Singapore as there are 3 MRT lines serving nearby with several bus services available, though travelling time would be rather long.

NACLI provides its clients with a variety of facilities to be used for various purposes. There are training rooms, together with a conference room, available, which can hold up till either 25 or 50-60 people. There are facilities such as an auditorium and a learning lounge, several gazebos, a multi-purpose hall, a dining hall and numerous accommodation facilities available for their clients’ use. The auditorium can hold up to 300 people. Its accommodation facilities are divided into 5 categories, which can hold as little as 2 people to as much as 7 people for overnight stays. There is also an activity hub and an obstacle course area whereby clients can make use of for more physical activities. With so many facilities available, NACLI is a good place for holding training seminars and corporate events such as meetings as they would be able to meet their clients’ needs when organizing such events. The auditorium and training rooms would suffice for companies to hold their training workshops in, and NACLI would even provide courses such as teambuilding for its clients. Thus, its facilities can be considered to be quite good as they cater to a lot of the clients’ needs. However, NACLI may be lacking in terms of food, since it has only one dining hall without much food choices. Clients would have to engage catering if they want more choices for their meals, as there are no nearby food outlets available.

The unique selling point of NACLI would include the lush greenery that surrounds the institute. It would provide an extremely conducive environment for events to be held at, what with its soothing effect on people. Green events can be easily conducted as it would fit very much into the theme of the event. Moreover, with accommodations available at cheap rates, events can be held without a hitch. Training courses are also available, which would make NACLI an attractive event space for corporate companies to hold their workshops and training seminars in as they would not have to look for their own trainers from external companies.

Some of the events held at NACLI would include the following: Community LEAD Champion Awards 2009, an award ceremony to recognize outstanding grassroots leaders; Law for Community Leaders Programme 2011, a programme...

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